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Resolving Your Case & Moving Forward

Resolving Your Case & Moving ForwardWe use a variety of factors when weighing up whether to settle a claim or continue fighting for a higher amount of compensation. In each case, this is the general approach we use to advise our clients on what we think is the best decision they can make.

First, we compare the offer with the valuation of the case we have constructed. We take into consideration the injuries at play and the liability, knowing that if our client is partially at fault, the judge or jury may interpret the case much differently than we anticipate.

From here, we discount the valuation we have calculated based on the general risk that the legal system may not value the case as highly as we may. We also factor in the cost of the time and expenses, such as experts, necessary to get the ideal outcome.

Of course, we draw heavily on our experience when doing this, and provide a recommendation of how to move forward, but we leave the final decision with the client.

The Benefits Of Settling A Case Without Going To Trial

Settling a case in advance offers many compelling benefits, the most significant being that you are able to eliminate the risks associated with a trial. Trialscarry an inherent uncertainty of outcome. No matter how compelling your case may be, there is no assurance that the awarded compensation will align with what you believe you deserve. The variables of liability and damages add complexity to the equation, making the outcome consistently unpredictable.

In contrast, opting for settlement reduces the risk factor. By reaching an agreement outside the courtroom, the parties involved can find a resolution that best suits their interests and needs. This certainty eliminates the anxiety and ambiguity often associated with the trial process.

Time is another valuable resource saved by settling in advance. Trials are often protracted and time-consuming, requiring extensive preparation and court proceedings. Settling allows for a more efficient resolution, freeing up resources that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Moreover, the settlement process is generally less stressful for all parties involved. The negotiation and compromise involved in reaching an agreement can be much more amicable than the adversarial nature of a trial. This fosters a smoother resolution and may even preserve relationships that would otherwise become strained in the courtroom.

Of course, the decision to settle comes with a trade-off. While settling provides certainty, it may require you to make a compromise in the assessment of your case value. The settlement amount might not reach the height one could envision from winning a trial. However, the certainty and peace of mind from settling can outweigh the potential gains from a trial that may turn out to only be marginal in the end.

Methods Used To Settle A Case Without Going To Trial

ADR, or alternative dispute resolution, plays a pivotal role in our approach to settling personal injury cases outside the courtroom. We have found that ADR offers an effective path to reaching favorable resolutions without going to trial, benefiting our clients in multiple ways.

When approaching ADR, we place great emphasis on selecting the right mediator. We seek individuals who possess a deep understanding of the specific injury involved in the case and are well-versed in the geographical area where the injury occurred. Drawing from our experience, we know how to identify mediators who can facilitate productive discussions and help maximize case value during the settlement process.

During ADR sessions, we also bring our extensive experience in trying cases and conducting thorough research to the table. We meticulously analyze each aspect of your case, ensuring that we have considered potential arguments from the other side, as well. This attention to detail allows us to present strong and compelling arguments to the mediator, supporting our pursuit of a high recovery for each of our clients.

The effectiveness of our approach lies in our commitment to preparation. We come to mediation fully armed with the knowledge of our cases’ strengths and weaknesses, even anticipating possible counterarguments. This level of preparedness ensures we can engage in meaningful negotiations, advocating for our clients’ best interests at every step.

Finally, the flexibility and informality of the ADR process enable us to explore creative solutions, fostering a more cooperative atmosphere for dispute resolution. By engaging in ADR, we not only save valuable time but also spare our clients the stress and uncertainty often associated with the lengthy trial process.

What To Do If You Cannot Get A Fair Settlement

In our practice, we approach every case with an eye toward preparing for trial, and you should do the same. Why? Because being trial-ready sends a powerful message to the other side – astatement that you are fully committed to securing the best possible outcome. When the other side senses that we are willing and able to take a case to trial, it sets the tone for serious negotiations. They understand that low-ball offers won’t sway us and that we won’t be deterred by initial attempts to undervalue our clients’ claims.

Our ultimate goal is to secure a fair outcome, and our determination to fight for our clients’ rights deeply informs our approach to case preparation. We don’t cut corners or rush through the process. Instead, we meticulously gather evidence, consult with experts, and build a solid foundation to support our clients’ claims.

Sometimes, the turning point comes during trial preparation, when the other side realizes that they must offer a fair settlement to avoid the uncertainties of trial. Other times, it happens on the courthouse steps, where the strength of our case and our unwavering commitment to our clients’ interests lead to a favorable resolution after finally causing the opposition to crack.

Our approach is simple: prepare as if every case will go to trial. We understand that settlement is not the end goal; it is a means to secure justice for our clients. This unwavering dedication ensures that we will not be outworked or outmaneuvered, and it maximizes the chances of obtaining the compensation and justice our clients deserve.

The Importance Of Having An Experienced Litigation Team

Experience matters and with years of handling a wide range of cases under our belts, we have honed our approach to consistently deliver the best outcomes possible for our clients. When we take on a case, we treat it as if it were our own. That means leaving no stone unturned, diving into every detail, and putting in 100% effort to achieve the best result.

Unlike some firms that prioritize volume and quick settlements, we believe in quality over quantity. We know that each client deserves our full attention and dedication – and that shows in our work. We know that we can only secure the best result for our clients through hard work, and that’s precisely what we aim for.

Our commitment to our clients is exemplified by the strong relationships we’ve built with a team of experts over the years. In collaboration with medical professionals, economists, and vocational experts, we bring a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to each case. The confidence we have in our team and their ability to deliver is reflected in the results we’re able to achieve. Because of this, our clients can rest assured that their case is in capable hands, backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas.

All of this boils down to the fact that when we say we work hard for our clients, we mean it. Our approach has always been about putting the client’s interests first. We know we would want nothing less if we were in their shoes. That’s why we treat each case with utmost care and dedication, going above and beyond to pursue the best possible outcome every single time.

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