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Holding Pennsylvania Property Owners Accountable For Their Negligence

We ensure Pennsylvanians just like you are compensated when property owners fail to uphold their responsibility of maintaining safe premises. We take whatever legal action necessary to hold them accountable for harm their negligence causes and strive to deliver you justice.

Your well-being is our priority. Discover how our legal support can make a difference for you today.

Premise Liability Cases We Handle In Pennsylvania

Incidence Of Premise Liability Claims
Incidence Of Premise
Liability Claims
Average Premise Liability Damages
Average Premise Liability Damages
Typical Occupational Injuries In Pennsylvania
Typical Occupational Injuries In Pennsylvania

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Trusted Harrisburg Personal Injury & Business Lawyers

When clients come to us with their Business and personal injury, we understand there’s a human being involved. Your injury is not just a case to us – it’s your life. Whether you have been in a car, truck, motorcycle accident, injured at another property, or suffered a brain injury, we understand that your life has been put on hold.

Naturally, you are concerned about recovering from your injury, recovering lost earnings, paying medical bills, and protecting your future. Obtaining these things on your own is difficult without the proper legal knowledge – that’s why working with a capable member of our team is so important to gaining you the financial stability and guidance that you are entitled to.

Choosing the right Harrisburg Business and personal injury attorney not only ensures that you are treated with the respect and compassion you deserve during such a difficult time, but it’s also critical to the success of your case. Dean Piermattei and Jill Weikert at Compass Legal Group are committed to personal attention and maximizing your interest.

Our team leverages decades of experience to aggressively advocate for the rights of our Business and personal injury clients and has the expertise needed to hold those responsible for your injury accountable. Click here to know more about Premises Liability Injury

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Can You Sue After An Accident At The Supermarket?

In Pennsylvania, you can pursue legal action after suffering an accident such as a slip and fall in a supermarket. Owners of supermarkets have the same responsibility any property owner has – to care for customers by maintaining safe premises. Failure to do so means you could have grounds for a lawsuit to file against them. Now, whether or not your case would be successful depends on several factors. For starters, property liability must clearly be defined. You’ll also need to establish that the accident you experienced caused the injuries you suffer. A property lawyer can be instrumental in determining how strong your case is and bring it to fruition so you can exercise recourse the law affords you. Compass Legal Group does just this, and can navigate your personal injury case alongside you. We’ll advocate for your rights and well-being and do everything we can to secure the compensation you’re entitled to.

How Property Liability Is Determined In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, property liability, also known as premise liability, is determined based on negligence. This legal concept states that owners have a duty to maintain safe conditions for visitors to their property. If a visitor is injured due to unsafe conditions that are the result of a failure to uphold this duty, liability for damages they suffer may indeed fall on the property owner. It must be proven that this causation is indeed at play, however. Unlike criminal law, where the threshold for determining guilt is beyond a shadow of a doubt, premise liability cases only require you to meet a preponderance of evidence threshold. In simpler terms, this means you only have to prove that it’s more likely than not that the property owner was at fault and caused your injuries. Various factors weigh into these cases, including the foreseeability of the danger, the property owner’s awareness, and what actions they did or didn’t take to address it. You’re likely beginning to see how quickly these cases can become extremely complicated. At Compass Legal Group in Harrisburg, PA, our property lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your chances of success are as high as they can be.

How Do You Prove a Property Owner Was Negligent?

Proving the negligence of a property owner in a Pennsylvania premise liability case is no small feat. Doing so successfully requires demonstrating several key things. To begin with, you must establish property liability. This requires showing that the property owner had a duty of care to you. This duty can vary depending on the circumstances, namely the status of the visitor. Whether you were invited or licensed by the property owner to the property or trespassed can weigh considerably on whether you can prove the property owner was negligent and how your premise liability will develop. Aside from this, you must also establish that the property owner breached their duty of care. This means you’ll need to demonstrate that they either created a hazard or did not address an existing one they knew about. Lastly, you must clearly and convincingly establish causation between your injuries and the property owner’s breach of duty. This may be the most difficult of all to accomplish. The property lawyers at Compass Legal Group go above and beyond to ensure our clients increase their chances of success here. They dig through maintenance records, surveillance footage, witness testimonies, and other vital sources of evidence to build an overwhelmingly strong case in their favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the value of a premise liability case is complicated since it depends on so many factors, most of which vary case by case. Common ones include:
  • The extent of the injuries or damages you’ve suffered.
  • Medical expenses you’ve incurred.
  • Wages you’ve missed out on because you’ve been unable to work.
  • Other intangible yet nonetheless important damages such as pain and suffering.
Although strictly speaking, there’s no law that requires you to hire a premise liability lawyer to determine the value of your case or represent you throughout it, doing so can be incredibly beneficial. Although it is challenging, at best, to provide a reliable and accurate estimate going into a premise liability lawsuit, an attorney will evaluate the specific details of your case and work diligently to maximize the compensation you receive. Forgoing this service puts you at risk of not winning all you may be entitled to or deserve.
If your premise liability case settles, the timeframe for receiving your compensation can vary considerably. Settlement proceeds are typically paid out shortly after all parties involved agree to the terms and sign all necessary documentation acknowledging as much. In Harrisburg, PA, practical, administrative matters such as processing time and the particular complications of a specific case can easily cause this normal timeline to not be relevant, however. More likely than not, the court will need to review and approve your settlement if your case has already entered litigation. When this occurs is contingent on the court’s schedule and workload. Beyond this, processing time can hinge on how quickly the involved insurance company or legal team takes. Although not necessarily the norm, it isn’t entirely uncommon for this to tack on an additional few weeks or months. Regardless, your Compass Legal Group premise liability lawyer will keep you updated throughout your case. With the experience, they’ll have a decent idea as to when you can expect to receive your premise liability lawsuit within a reasonable timeframe.
Some premise liability cases require the parties involved to attend court hearings, but not all do. In fact, most are resolved through settlement, avoiding the need to attend court hearings or have a trial entirely. Don’t be fooled, though – even if your case falls in the majority here, you’ll still greatly benefit from hiring a premise liability lawyer to handle your premise liability lawsuit. Premise liability cases may be far less complicated and involved without the need to attend court hearings or go to trial, but they are still incredibly cumbersome and difficult. You can attempt to handle your case on your own, but doing so exposes you to far more risk than hiring an attorney does. With Compass Legal Group, you can trust that you’ve partnered with a team that will remain steadfast in avoiding making you attend court hearings. At the same time, we’ll also be fully prepared to take your premises liability lawsuit to trial should we believe it’s strong enough and your chances of success are high.
Compass Legal Group understands that financial concerns come in all shapes and sizes and are something most people grapple with at some point in their lives. As such, we strive to provide accessible legal services that deliver immense value and address your pressing legal needs. We operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay us a dime of upfront costs. We take our cut out of your final settlement or award. Although not one hundred percent foolproof, this serves to incentivize your Compass Legal Group premise liability lawyer to deliver the highest level of service and strive to maximize the compensation you receive. The last thing you need to be worried about when navigating your premise liability lawsuit is how you’re going to afford just to be able to be made whole. We have you covered from our initial assessment of your case and intake to the final settlement, striving to bring you the best possible outcome we can.
More times than not, a motorcycle accident can result in a trip to the hospital for one or all parties involved due to the severity of the injuries and accident. However, it is always important to seek medical attention after even suffering minor injuries an accident. It is possible that that your pain will not start to present itself until a day or more after your accident. Seeking medical attention will also help document your injuries and assist in maximizing the settlement in your claim.

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