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Construction Litigation

Construction LitigationA Harrisburg Law Firm Without The Ego: Construction Lawyer In Harrisburg, PA

Construction disputes can arise between contractors, owners, subcontractors, and design professionals for a variety of reasons. Whether you are in a dispute over contract negotiations, construction defects, delays in construction, or payment, Compass Legal Group has a wealth of experience in these issues. Our dedicated attorneys help our clients successfully resolve disputes in all areas of construction law.

Construction Contract Disputes

The construction industry is complicated and contract disputes are commonplace. Different parties can have varying opinions on scheduling, payment structure, and site responsibilities. Handling such commercial contract disputes can be time-consuming and complex.

Compass Legal Group has decades of experience with construction contract disputes, and we can offer you an experienced construction attorney in Harrisburg to handle your case. Our team of experienced construction litigation attorneys represents and advises project owners, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, manufacturers, lenders, and more, and we understand the laws governing the construction industry.

Contract Negotiation

Before performing work on any job or accepting responsibility for a construction project, you must understand your contract terms and make sure the terms included protect your interest. However, you might not be knowledgeable enough in legal matters, leaving you vulnerable to other parties taking advantage of the situation. Therefore, it is unwise to enter into contract negotiations without legal counsel.

We advise our clients on what terms are best when entering a contract to ensure they are in the best position possible if a dispute or litigation should arise.

Construction Defects

Construction defect claims are common in construction projects. They can be made by the owner, general contractor, or design professional. Understanding your rights and the contract documents is critical when making or defending against a claim of construction defect.

We can provide you with any legal assistance you might have regarding construction defects in Harrisburg with the help of our experienced construction attorneys.

Negligent Design

There are times on construction projects when a contractor or subcontractor performs work on a project and it later becomes evident that the project was negligently designed. When faced with defending claims of defective construction work or breach of contract, contractors and subcontractors must have competent construction attorneys who understand the law relating to negligent design. A competent attorney will guide you through examining whether the claims filed against you are really a result of negligent design.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance coverage for construction projects is designed to protect owners, general contractors, and subcontractors, depending on the situation. All too often, insurance companies are quick to deny coverage when a problem arises on a construction site. The experience attorneys at Compass Legal Group know how to review and interpret insurance policies in light of the existing law to ensure that owners, general contractors, and subcontractors are protected.

Zoning And Land Use

The most important part of the construction process is securing the right property. Real estate is a complex industry containing numerous legal issues that you must sort out before the commencement of any project. In addition, each city has unique laws and permits a construction company, or worker should comply with throughout the construction period.

Starting a construction project without legal counsel exposes you to fines or even the closure of a site if the local city council finds compliance issues. Compass Legal Group can guide you through the complex legal requirements involving zoning and land use.

Mechanics’ Liens

A mechanics’ lien is a claim governed by Pennsylvania statute that secures payment to a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier at a construction site by asserting a lien against the owner’s property in the event of nonpayment. Because this is a statutory claim, it is important to strictly follow all requirements in order to assert a valid lien. A valid lien secured by experienced construction attorneys may be critical to receiving payment.

Compass Legal Group has extensive experience in asserting and litigating mechanics’ lien claims for all parties involved in construction projects.

Change Orders

Change orders are the standard practice in construction for a contractor or project owner to make changes to a project, such as changing the scope, duration, or cost of a particular item. Proper documentation and understanding of the impact a change order can have on the project are critical. Contractors should have proper legal advice and representation to ensure payment and avoid lawsuits that might derail the project or be costly.

Construction Delays

Construction projects can often be plagued by delays due to various reasons. Delays often occur because of a change in the scope of responsibilities, a party’s failure to properly perform, or conditions beyond any party’s control. It is important to understand your contract and seek advice as to your rights and remedies in the event of a delay. Experienced attorneys at Compass Legal Group can assist you in being in the best position to avoid unnecessary costs and liability not caused by performance.

Payment Disputes

One of the most common issues in construction is payment disputes. Each party involved in a contract may have varying ideas on what payment is appropriate for the project. Situations often arise where one party withholds payment, whether there is a valid reason or not. Therefore, handling payment disputes alone can be stressful as you have to negotiate with all parties for a favorable solution and often pursue litigation to obtain payment.

The experienced attorneys at Compass Legal Group can assist you with maximizing your recovery and ensure that you receive the protections afforded under the law when you are in a payment dispute as part of a construction project.

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Construction LitigationFounded on over 40 years of combined practice in construction litigation, and other legal matters, Compass Legal Group offers experienced and committed construction attorneys in Harrisburg who deliver a personal touch while handling your case.

We understand the unique challenges you are facing with construction disputes, and our team has extensive practice helping to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Let us help you resolve your disputes in all areas of construction law.

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Construction disputes can escalate quickly. Our team of experienced construction litigation attorneys represent and advise project owners, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and manufacturers. We understand the laws governing the construction industry and the construction process. From contract negotiation through project closeout, the attorneys at Compass Legal Group are ready to assist you.

Construction disputes require sophisticated legal knowledge, and our experience in this arena gives our clients a tremendous advantage as we help them navigate the complexities of the construction law landscape.

Contact us at Compass Legal Group to learn more, or to get a consultation on your construction case.

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