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Car Accident FAQ's

Regardless of fault, you should report an accident to your car insurance company as soon as you are able after the accident has occurred. However, be sure to contact an attorney before making a recorded statement or signing any documentation regarding the accident.
When you have been involved in a car accident and suffer an injury or experience pain following the accident, a visit to the Emergency Room is not required, but you should be seen by a doctor or other medical professional as soon as possible. You could also find that your pain does not start to present itself until a day or more after your accident. Seeking medical attention will help document your injuries and assist in obtaining the appropriate settlement in your claim.
The statute of limitations to file a claim arising out of a car accident in Pennsylvania is two years. It is best to contact an attorney and file a claim well before the two-year timeframe is exhausted.
Contact a car accident attorney before speaking with or giving any type of statement to the car insurance company of any other party. You do not want to answer any questions that you may not completely understand and jeopardize your ability to obtain an award for your damages.
Absolutely! If you are able, it is always a good idea to take pictures or videos of each vehicle involved and the accident scene itself. Be sure to capture as many angles as possible to help paint a picture of the extent of the damage and what occurred.
Be sure to collect the names and contact information of anyone involved in the accident, including passengers. You will also want to get the other driver’s car insurance information. Make note of any accident witnesses and record their contact information.
If you or a passenger in your vehicle have suffered an injury as a result of an auto accident, you should contact an attorney to assist with the process of working with the insurance company and offer guidance on the legal details. Certain types of car accidents, such as those that involve commercial vehicles and busses, may also be more complex and require an experienced car accident attorney to explain your rights and assist with the claim. An experienced attorney knows the experts to hire to preserve the evidence. It may not always be necessary to contact an attorney following a car accident; however, it is a good idea if you feel that you are not at fault. If you are unsure or question whether an attorney should be involved in your claim, contact Compass Personal Injury for a consultation.
Yes, contacting the police will provide a report of what happened, provide the identity of all parties and witnesses involved, and show who was potentially at fault.
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