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Your Legal Protections And Responsibilities As A Bicyclist

A man sitting on the ground next to a bicycle after an accident, with his hands on his head.This article delves into…

  • The regulations and protections in place for bicycle riders in Pennsylvania.
  • The steps you can take to pursue legal action after an accident.
  • Potential factors that may impact outcomes and damages.

What Are My Rights and Responsibilities as a Bicyclist in Pennsylvania?

Bicyclists are subject to a specific set of regulations in Pennsylvania’s motor vehicle code. Similar to drivers, all cyclists must obey all of the traffic laws. . There are some specific rules pertaining to cycling, such as the mandate for children under 12 to wear helmets. Cyclists are also not permitted to ride on sidewalks in business districts, unless permitted by traffic signals. Bicycles are also not allowed on a freeway unless a permit is issued..

How Do I Navigate My Liability When I Share Fault For The Accident?

Whether you share fault or bear full responsibility for an accident, you still maintain the right to pursue legal action against the driver involved. However, factors such as your conduct contributing to the accident can substantially affect the outcome of the case. Moreover, in cases of shared fault, your recoverable damages might be diminished due to contributory negligence.

How Is My Settlement Amount Calculated For A Bicycle Accident Case?

Settlement amounts for bicycle accidents are typically calculated similarly to personal injury cases involving auto accidents. Several factors are taken into consideration, including the severity of the injuries, the extent of pain and suffering experienced, potential long-term impairments, lost wages, and local legal precedents. Generally, more severe injuries result in a higher settlement amount.

Are There Potential Factors That Could Limit My Settlement Amount?

Contributory negligence, which refers to actions or oversights on your part that contributed to the accident or exacerbated your injuries, can significantly impact and potentially reduce your settlement amount. Factors such as failure to adhere to traffic laws, not wearing appropriate safety gear like helmets, or engaging in risky behavior while cycling may be considered contributory negligence. It’s essential to recognize how these factors can influence the outcome of your case and potentially diminish the compensation you receive for your injuries.

How Can I Maximize My Case’s Outcome?

To maximize your settlement amount, it’s vital to prioritize prompt and consistent medical treatment for your injuries. Attend all scheduled appointments and diligently follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations. Cooperation with your attorney is crucial; make sure to provide them with all necessary information and updates regarding your case.

Furthermore, be sure to thoroughly document your injuries, including taking photographs of bruises, scrapes, and cuts as soon as possible after the accident occurs. These records serve as valuable evidence, strengthening your claims and increasing your likelihood of securing optimal settlement outcomes.

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