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Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers In Harrisburg, PA

Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers In Harrisburg, PA
Firm Overview

Lawyers In Harrisburg, PA: Providing Guidance To Conquer Odds

Compass Legal Group was established by Dean Piermattei and Jill Weikert. It is a growing Harrisburg law firm founded on a combined 40 years of working for large, conventional law firms, along with the values that we believe matter:

Accessibility. Trust. Commitment to the Client.

We take our client’s challenges on as our own and let the results speak for themselves. We understand the law and we leverage our varied expertise as lawyers in Harrisburg, PA; leading the way to better decision-making for our clients.

Compass Legal Group was built on the belief that premium legal representation can coexist with affordability. This sometimes differs from the experience that people traditionally have with law firms, and we take great pride in that.

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Were You Injured On An Unsafe Property?

We are trusted advisors who will communicate honestly, approach the issue creatively from every angle to offer options, and ultimately, give 100% to deliver a resolution. Our priority will always be people and relationships as we have maintained connections with some of our clients for over a decade.

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