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If my case settles, how long before I receive my money?

  • By: Jill Weikert & Dean Piermattei
  • Published: March 25, 2024

If your premise liability case settles, the timeframe for receiving your compensation can vary considerably. Settlement proceeds are typically paid out shortly after all parties involved agree to the terms and sign all necessary documentation acknowledging as much.

In Harrisburg, PA, practical, administrative matters such as processing time and the particular complications of a specific case can easily cause this normal timeline to not be relevant, however. More likely than not, the court will need to review and approve your settlement if your case has already entered litigation. When this occurs is contingent on the court’s schedule and workload.

Beyond this, processing time can hinge on how quickly the involved insurance company or legal team takes. Although not necessarily the norm, it isn’t entirely uncommon for this to tack on an additional few weeks or months.

Regardless, your Compass Legal Group premise liability lawyer will keep you updated throughout your case. With the experience, they’ll have a decent idea as to when you can expect to receive your premise liability lawsuit within a reasonable timeframe.

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